The connections we make shape not only our journey but those we meet along the way.

Expanded the Pickleman’s Brand to a nationwide chain with over 40 units under contract across 8 states with $1.5M+ AUVs by implementing consistent branding, social media campaigns, website management, app development, store design, training procedures, and strategic campaigns.

Lead Pickleman’s in the implementation of strategic initiatives to acquire new customers, build frequency, optimize ad dollars, maximize trade areas, and increase brand exposure, to lift average unit volumes and increase revenues.

Assisted numerous brands to create, grow, and manage their businesses, from conceptualization and logo design all the way to launching e-commerce sites, web development, and site engine optimization.

Extensive experience working in cross-functional teams to bridge the language barrier between the end-user and engineers of systems to create experiences that are intuitive, entertaining, and profitable.

Where I'll Be Outside Work

I've always appreciated life and all of the beautiful experiences this world has to offer.


The Ozarks are one of the most overlooked treasures of the United States and its offerings are endless.

Music & Culture

Music is one of the great equalizers in society and I stand by the advice to never trust anyone who says they don’t like music.

Art & Design

I’ve always found art and design to be one of the most powerful forces in the world. What started as cave paintings and hieroglyphs are now the tools of our trade.


Missouri has one of the most extensive Rail to Trail systems in the United States and it offers hundreds of miles of beautiful pea gravel trails along the Missouri River.


Over my career, I've had the opportunity to work with agencies, team members, and solo on various projects to better understand the process and vocabulary for each skill set.

Photoshop CS6
Creative Direction